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Two color tags really stand out when compared to one color tags. The second color really draws
attention to your name.

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*Georgia dealers – let us design a tag for you to work
with the larger hologram sticker!
Prices (Two Colors)
Quantity 100 250 500 1000
.020 Plastic $1.69 $1.26 $0.86 $0.67
.040 Plastic $1.85 $1.41 $1.08 $0.86
.060 Plastic $2.00 $1.49 $1.24 $1.04
.024 Poly Paper $1.38 $1.15 $0.82 $0.63
Info Learn more about thicknesses and materials

Thicknesses and Materials

Plastic tags – All plastic tags printed by CT4L are printed on durable polystyrene, a smoother and more rigid material than many other tag manufacturers use. Tags printed on polystyrene are completely waterproof. To help understand thickness, a standard Visa or Mastercard is roughly .030 gauge. This should give you a better idea of what to expect when you see thicknesses listed.

.020 – The .020 gauge tags are the thinnest plastic we offer. These tags are only to be used on the rear of cars and should be held on with all 4 nuts or bolts. While they are thin, they are durable if properly secured.

.040 – The .040 gauge tags are the most popular thickness. They are twice as this as the .020 for just a little more money, and they are suitable for use on the front or rear of vehicles.

.060 – The .060 gauge tags are the thickest plastic we offer. These tags are extremely durable and will look good for years. Most people who buy .060 tags use them on the front of their vehicles for advertising. They are a more economical option than aluminum tags.

Poly Paper Tags – Poly paper was mandated by several states for drive-out tags because of their temporary nature. Poly paper is our most economical option for a short-term driveout tag. These tags will not hold up well to water and will begin to swell and discolor when exposed to rain or washing. Some states required this material so it would be easier for law enforcement to spot cars that were not properly registered during the allotted time after purchase.


*Additional discounts for higher quantities

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